Artist’s Statement


My art work is made up of 80% found materials.  That includes the surfaces that I paint on, the paint itself, the large items and the small ones.  The things I actually spend money on are more for structural integrity like glue, screws, tape, brushes... all the tools that go into sticking the found objects together.  I've now also started to spend money on other people's art, usually anonymous sculptures, that I incorporate into my own work.

I consider myself a folk artist, representing images of the Bay Area California where I live, our shared global culture, as well as scenes of my inner life in the subtler realms of reality.

I consider myself an outsider artist, but I like to say insider artist... meaning that I believe in inventing techniques of manifesting ideas as art.  Mostly this type of art is self taught and often very unique to the individual.


And the third element in my style of work is that of collaboration.  I love to work with other artists on the same piece.  By doing this my process always stays on the cutting edge of fun, unpredictable, explorative, and fast.  It keeps me open to the stories, images and energies that I could never create on my own.

My narrative work comes into play after developing my characters through sculptures and paintings and then bringing them further to life through story, drawings and song.


Tom is the director for the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley CA, a space for artists of all disciplines to co-create community and culture, and collectors to buy cutting edge art of lasting value.

There are 6 California Bay Area locations which include various combinations of art studios, group living spaces, event spaces, and micro store fronts for retail.